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My Beauty Routine

My Beauty Routine by LaurenDayMakeup

Last month I shared my Skincare Routine with my readers. This month it's personal beauty care, with my favourite eco-friendly beauty products. When it comes to choosing the right beauty products I always look for cruelty-free affordable options that give me great results. These are my favourite beauty care essentials and I wanted to share them with you. 

When it comes to washing in the shower I choose to use soap instead of a body wash. I think it's more eco-friendly and gives me that extra clean feeling. My favourite soap is Coconut Soap from Eco Store. This cruelty-free and eco-friendly bar of soap is not only great for the environment with it's recyclable packaging it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean without that dry feeling like regular soap. The coconut scent is subtle but smells divine. It's made in New Zealand by a wonderful family run business. Although it's a little more expensive than your regular bar of soap, I love this brand and feel the extra money is worth it. 

Coconut Soap by Eco Store

For my deodorant choice I always like to use a roll on deodorant. I used to use Mum deodorant but it's not cruelty-free. I have tried many cruelty-free, natural deodorants - some worked some didn't but when I found this Crystal Roll-On Deodorant from Body Crystal I was so happy with the results. It's more expensive that a regular deodorant but it's  worth the extra pennies because it lasts a long time and you get 80mls which is more than the average roll-on deodorant. It has a pleasant scent, I have tried both the Botanica and Wildflowers scents. It's alcohol free, not tested on animals and made from natural mineral salts. It's great value too with one deodorant lasting over 6 months. I am really happy with the results I get from this deodorant and highly recommend it. 

Body Crystal Roll-On Deodorant

Finding a cruelty-free toothpaste is not as easy as it sounds. The supermarket shelf is mostly stocked with Colgate and other big name brands. This toothpaste is natural and is available in the supermarket if you look at the bottom shelf you will see it. It's also available at selected health food stores. My favourite cruelty-free toothpaste is Natural  Toothpaste with Aloe Vera by Grants of Australia. The fresh mint flavour is very pleasant and subtle. This toothpaste is vegan and natural with no Fluoride, Parabens or SLS. Best of all it's Australian made and I know when I purchase this toothpaste my money is going to a great company and not to Colgate! I love this toothpaste and hope that you will give it a go next time your toothpaste runs out.  

Grants of Australia Natural Toothpaste 

Personal Care. 
When it comes to that time of the month, I want a product that is not only going to be great for my body but also the environment too. Did you know that most personal care products contain chemicals and nasties that are not only bad for the environment, the chemicals used can lead to TSS. I was introduced to TOM Organic last year when I met Aimee the woman behind the brand and I knew I had to give it a try. She gave me a pack of their tampons to try. I have also tried the TOM Organic panty liners and ultra thin pads. All these products are wonderful and best of all I know they are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. Perfect if you have sensitive skin because they are free from chemicals and synthetic dyes. I have really enjoyed using the TOM Organic range and high recommend it. If you're in Australia you can purchase these products at your local Woolworths supermarket. They are a little more expensive than regular pads and tampon brands but for added value knowing they are made with chemical free 100% organic cotton it's well worth the extra investment. I love this brand so much I even wrote an interesting article about them for my Eco Glamazine last year - you can read it here

TOM Organic 

Whether is makeup, skincare or body care I always look for cruelty-free and eco-friendly options. I love the satisfaction knowing my beauty routine is not contributing to animal testing and is having a positive impact on the environment. I hope you will too. For more information about How to Choose Cruelty-Free read this post

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