Thursday, April 12, 2012

Glamour Makeup Box Review

About 6 months ago I discovered an Australian small business that was selling these glamorous clear makeup storage boxes. I instantly fell in love, to say the least with many of their products added to on my Beauty Wish List. I started following The Makeup Box on Twitter and really enjoyed reading their tweets each day. 

I recently had the opportunity to try out their best selling Makeup Box. You may recognise this Makeup Box because it's has been featured on many episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians - just like the makeup storage system that Kim Kardashian uses in her bathroom! 

MakeupBoxShop - Flip Top Glamour Box (Kardashian Makeup Organizer) $153.00

Our Flip Top Makeup Organiser is the ultimate in Makeup Storage organisation. This unit is very similar to the Kardashian Makeup Organizer as seen on the TV Show Keeping up with the Kardashians." Our Kardashian Makeup Storage Organizer will store a massive makeup collection beautifully - you will be the envy of all your friends! 
The flip top section is 4cm deep, drawers two, three, four and five are 3.5cm deep and the bottom drawer measures 7 cm deep. This Makeup Organizer is a huge five drawer unit plus a flip top section making it a six compartment Makeup Organizer, one of the largest Makeup Organizers on the Australian market. 

I also love the Lipstick Stand from MakeupBoxShop. I love Lipstick and have so many it's great to have a place to store my lipsticks and lip glosses so I can see them easily.  

MakeupBoxShop - Lipstick Stand $14.00 

This lipstick stand holds up to 24 lipsticks and is a great product to accompany your makeup organizer or just by itself. Stores your lipsticks easily and looks great. It is made from clear acrylic. 

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