Monday, December 16, 2013

HOW TO: Style Curly Hair

How To: Style Curly Hair

Having curly hair can be both a blessing and a curse! In this video tutorial I show you how I style my mid length curly hair. My hair is naturally very curly (and get's lots of tangles!) but I don't wake up in the morning with perfectly defined curls - these curls need to be styled. But fortunately I have had lots of practise managing curls (and frizz!) and can usually style my hair curly from wet to dry in approximately 15 minutes. 

What you'll need to style your curls: 
  • Afro Styling Comb
  • Detangling/Conditioning Spray (or Water Spray filled with Water + Conditioner) 
  • Water Spray Bottle 
  • Curly Hair Styling Product - Gel, Cream or Mousse 
  • Hair Dryer with Curl Diffuser Attachment (or Small Travel Hair Dryer) 
I have found the best way to style my hair is when it's wet. So every morning I wet my hair and apply some conditioner and comb the knots out in the shower. After showering I wrap my wet hair into a towel and apply my makeup. After my makeup is complete I take the towel down and begin my styling procedure. 

Create Your Curls in 10 Easy Steps: 
  1. Spritz detangling spray into wet/damp hair. 
  2. Comb with wide tooth afro styling comb.
  3. Spray hair with water using a water spray bottle to wet hair before styling. 
  4. Lightly comb through hair after applying water. 
  5. Squirt a small amount of Styling Product into your hands. Wet hands and rub together to dilute the product.
  6. Apply to wet hair using "raking" method. 
  7. Scrunch curls with your hairs to create bouncy defined curls. 
  8. Tip your head to the side or upside down and blast curls with hair dryer using a curl diffuser. Keep the hair dryer moving to prevent the scalp from getting too hot. 
  9. After drying hair for approximately 5 to 10 minutes use hair dryer's cool shot to blast curls with a shot of cool hair to set the style and reduce frizz. 
  10. Viola! Perfectly defined curls! 


Watch my step by step tutorial How To: Style Curly Hair to see how I create my curls. 

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