Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Song of the Day Two Strong Hearts

Today's was Australia Day so I dusted off my Johnny Farnham albums and listened to them in my car while cruisin.... it's was a flash back to my childhood and the 80's. 

So as a tribute to a true Aussie Legend today's Song of the Day goes to Two Strong Hearts by John Farnham from his 1988 album Age of Reason

Two Strong Hearts Lyrics
No need analyze this kind of emotion
'Cause it comes naturally
A simple case of feeling love and devotion
So tell me tenderly
I want to give my life to you
I want to feel my blood run through you
And oh I want to touch you
Over and over and over again

We got two strong hearts
We stick together like the honey and the bee
You and me
We got two strong hearts
Reaching out forever like a river to the sea
Running free

I feel there's no need for compromising my reputation
When you lead me astray
I'm proud to be a part of this fascination
When I hear you say
I want to be there to guide you
I'm going to feel my love inside you
And oh oh I want to touch you
Over and over and over again

John Farnham Two Strong Hearts live from John's 1990 Chain Reaction Concert.

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