Monday, November 22, 2010

Taylor Swift AMAs Glamour

Taylor Swift looked absolutely STUNNING at the American Music Awards tonight. Her hair was sleek and straight with a blunt fringe just like the cover of her Back to December single! She looked amazingly beautiful. Her silver metal mini dressed showed off her gorgeous slim figure. 

She picked up the award for Favourite Female Country Artist and spent the minutes of her acceptance speech thanking her fans!  "Thank you so much I only want to thank the fans.... Thanks for giving me so much love for this album... I love you so much!" 
Taylor now has 7 American Music Awards. 

She also gave an amazing performance of Back to December at the AMAs. She was playing a white grand piano and she had her straight hair tied back on a high pony tail. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

HAIR: Curly Hair Tips

Curly haircare tips! 

My haircare tips for those of us blessed with naturally curly hair! 

#1 Style/brush curly hair when it's wet (never brush dry curly hair!)
#2 Use products specially designed for curly hair 
#3 Create curls with wet hair
#4 Let your curls dry naturally
#5 Wet hair with conditioner and water before styling curls 
#6A Use a strong hold hairspray
#6B Define curls with Anti Frizz Serum
#7 Use a Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner
#8 Don't tie your hair back/up (use a hair clip instead)
#9 After showering, rinse your hair with cold water to control frizz
#10 Wear your hair down and embrace your curls! 

VIDEO Curly Hair Care Tips 

Watch video on Youtube:

Monday, November 15, 2010

Music Monday NEW ALBUMS

I have purchased so many new albums in the last 3 weeks so I wanted to share all the new music with you. 

Albums Purchased:
Mariah Carey ~ Merry Christmas II You (standard edition)
Mariah Carey ~ Merry Christmas II You (deluxe cd/dvd edition)
Jessica Mauboy ~ Get Em Girls (limited edition track)
Taylor Swift ~ Speak Now (deluxe cd/dvd edition)
Lady Antebellum ~ Need You Now 

What albums have you bought lately? (comment below) 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Perfect Imperfections

Here is my new TAG video "My Perfect Imperfections".... This TAG was created by one of my favourite You Tube Beauty Gurus Andrea from Andrea's Choice.

Watch below to find our what my perfect imperfections are:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Carrie Underwood Mama's Song

My favourite song at the moment is Carrie Underwood's new single Mama's Song. She performed this heart warming ballad at the Country Music Awards this week, which he also hosted with Brad Paisley. 

The video clip for Mama's Song features Carrie's real mother in a magical tribute to her childhood and her mother and Carrie just looks amazing in the video. It's so beautiful. The lyrics are amazing! This song is featured on Carrie's current record "Play On". Listen to the song below and you will fall in love with Carrie and Mama's Song just like I have. 

Carrie Underwood Mama's Song (Official Music Video HD)
❤ Lyrics 

  • Mama, you taught me to do the right things 
    So now you have to let your baby fly 
    You’ve given me everything that I will need 
    To make it through this crazy thing called life
    And I know you watched me grow up 
    And only want what’s best for me 
    And I think I found the answer to your prayers…
    And he is good so good 
    He treats your little girl like a real man should 
    He is good so good 
    He makes promises he keeps 
    No he’s never gonna leave 
    So don’t you worry about me 
    Don’t you worry about me
    Mama there’s no way you’ll ever lose me 
    Giving me away is not goodbye 
    As you watch me walk down to my future 
    I hope tears of joy are in your eyes…’cause
    He is good so good 
    And he treats your little girl like a real man should 
    He is good so good 
    He makes promises he keeps 
    No he’s never gonna leave 
    So don’t you worry about me 
    Don’t you worry about me
    And when I watch my baby grow up 
    I’ll only want what’s best for her 
    And I hope she’ll find the answer to my prayers 
    And that she’ll say
    He is good so good 
    And he treats your little girl like a real man should 
    He is good so good 
    He makes promises he keeps 
    No he’s never gonna leave 
    So don’t you worry about me 
    Don’t you worry about me
    Mama don’t you worry about me 
    Don’t you worry about me

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dreamy Lavender Makeup Tutorial

I hope you like this dreamy lavender makeup look I created using my favourite purple products from Lime Crime makeup! The Magic Dust in Empress which is a gorgeous vibrant purple and the dreamy purple lipstick called Airborne Unicorn!

Products used to create this Dreamy Lavender look: 
Revlon Colorstay Makeup (nude) 
Mary Kay Mineral Foundation (ivory 2) 
Mirenesse 24 Hr Brow Mascara  
Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color (hazelnut - brushed through brows) 
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (milk) 
Red Earth Illusion Lights Eyeshdow (feather boa) 
Prestige Eyeshadow Duo (passionfruit) 
Lime Crime Magic Eye Dust (empress) 
She Dusting Powder (fairy dust) 
Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner (black) 
Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara  
Mirenesse Mineral Face Color (virgin violet) 
Maybelline Mineral Powder Blush (classic mauve II) 
Napoleon Perdis Lipliner (dream)  
Lime Crime Lipstick (Airborne Unicorn)


Sunday, November 7, 2010

HAIR: Red Hair Colour

New Red Hair Colour

Yesterday I decided to change my hair colour for summer! It's inspired by Isla Fisher's gorgeous red locks!  My gorgeous hairdresser Kathy added some red highlights to my fringe and also coloured the lower layers of my hair with red instead of the brown I had before. I am so thrilled with the results! I love having red in my hair it's really vibrant and something different for the coming summer months! 

Also today I reached 2,500 subscribers on You Tube! YAY I'm so excited! Thank you to everyone who subscribes to my You Tube Beauty Channel! You all mean the world to me! Thank you for watching, commenting and liking my videos! 

VIDEO New Red Hair Colour 


Watch video on Youtube:

Pink Contest Winners

Today is announced the winners of my Pink Contest! 

1st Prize Winner: [video entry]
LatinaXoXo87 (Leslie Ann)

Runner-up Prize Winner: [video entry]
TillieWilson87 (Tillie)

2nd Prize Winner: [comment entry]
Gmadiva (Kate)

Thank you to everyone who made a video entry and left a comment! I appreciate you all so much! I was so over whelmed by how many entries I received and it was really hard to choose the winners because I wish everyone could win. Congratulations to the winners! 

Watch my video to see me announce the winners! 

Video Link:

I will be holding another contest when I reach 3,000 subscribers. Thank you to all my gorgeous subscribers!