Saturday, April 24, 2010

CELEB: Meeting Kim Kardashian

Meeting Kim Kardashian

Oh Em Gee! Talk about *AMAZING* .... April 22, 2010 was one of the most amazing days of my life because I won a competition through Optus (Australia) to win a meet and greet with Kim Kardashian! I found out the night before that I had won and I couldn't believe my luck. 

I took my friend Matt (who had also entered the competition) with me to meet Kim in Brisbane, Australia. We left the Gold Coast at 9:30am and arrived at the venue in Brisbane about 11am, we waited out the front of the venue (Jade Buddha) and talked with other Kim fans who were winners also. Shortly after they let us into the bar area of the restaurant and we enjoyed drinks while waiting for Kim to arrive! At 12:55pm Kim finally arrived after an instore appearance in the city at the Optus store. We were 1 of the 1st group of fans to meet Kim and it was truly an amazing experience. 

My friend Matt met her 1st and had photos she was signing. Kim told me she loved my hair and asked me how I did it. Kim chatted to Matt about the photo shoot day when the photo was taken that Matt gave her to sign. Matt and Kim posed for some photos and then it was my turn to sit next to Kim and meet her. Wow I just couldn't get over how amazingly beautiful she was! I was so nervous I totally forgot to tell her how much I loved her and that she has been a huge inspiration in my life. While she was signing my photos I told her that she had sent me a reply tweet about the Ocean Drive magazine shoot she did. I then gave her the card and she showed the camera and then I gave her the eyeshadow. She was so surprised I gave her a gift. She has such a beautiful smile and she was so nice and sweet. We posed for photos together and then I told her that it was really nice to meet her and she said the same back to me. Wow the time went so quickly while I was meeting her. 

I am just so grateful I got the chance to meet her and she was so lovely and kind to her fans... the whole experience felt like a dream come true!

After meeting Kim I approached her Makeup Artist Mario and told him that I was a huge fan of his and that I was also a Makeup Artist and how he inspires me so much. I asked him to sign a few of my Kim photos so he signed the Optus promotional card and the Ocean Drive Magazine photo. He did the makeup for both those photos. He was really nice guy and very quiet but friendly. I saw him on this phone shortly after Twittering so I sent him a reply saying how nice it was to meet him and he replied back. 

For all the fashion dolls out there here is the beautiful outfit Kim was wearing when she met us. She looked absolutely stunning! 

VLOG: Meeting Kim Kardashian

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Unknown said...

Nicee story!!! I love her and Mario too, he is amazing right? I wanna to ask u one thing, how d does kim K smells?? Like her perfume? Is she very thin and shorty like people say she is in person?hehehe xoxo

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

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