Saturday, April 5, 2014

NEW HAIRCUT: Short Hair, Don't Care

Short Hair, Don't Care 

I was feeling a little adventurous this week, so I decided to transform my look. I wanted a new hairstyle for Autumn/Winter. I was happy with my hair colour so I decided to be brave and make the change - and get a new hair cut. 

{my hair inspiration} 
I loved Julianne Hough's short blonde hairstyle in the movie Safe Haven. So I started collecting pics (on Pinterest, of course - where else!) of blonde bob hair styles that I liked to show my hairdresser. I found myself pinning ALOT of Julianne's photos. So I dug a little deeper and found this great quote from Julianne about her hair cut for the movie Safe Haven. 

"When I had long hair, I always felt like I had to look pretty. 
With short hair, I feel more fun and free."  - Julianne Hough

So with my Pinterest board loaded with hairstyles I loved, I arranged an appointment with my hairdresser to get "the cut". Keep in mind I hardly ever cut my hair. I suffered a lot of damage from hot styling tools about 2 years ago and having been growing my hair ever since! It's taken ages. OMG what was I thinking - all that time growing my hair and I was going to just cut it off - call me crazy but I really wanted a change. Well I am so glad I was brave and convince my hairdresser I wanted to cut my hair (and that I wasn't nuts!) - She gave me my Julianne Hough inspired hair cut…. 


I am just thrilled with the results! I love my new bob and to my surprise Julianne was right - I do feel "free". I have had lots of great compliments from friends, followers and even my co-workers! 

Do you like my new hair style? 

Special thanks to my hairdresser Alex from Capri Hair for my new look! 

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