Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Favourite Lime Crime Lipsticks

My Favourite Lime Crime Lipsticks 

This is my all time favourite Lime Crime lipstick shade. Lime Crime describes this as pale peachy nude. I would say this is a pastel nude with a peachy under tone. It's flattering on most skin tones and looks amazing on bronze skin. Paired with a pale nude lipliner and you have one of the best nude lipsticks ever! 


Great Pink Planet 
This was the first Lime Crime lipstick I purchased and its the one I've worn the most. It's a Malibu Barbie pink, Lime Crime describes this electric shade as a pastel pink with a neon note. It's very vibrant and bright strawberry milkshake pink with a subtle purple undertone. This perfectly pink shade suits fair to medium skin tones and it's one of Lime Crime's most popular lipstick shades. 


Countessa Fluorescent 
This is the brightest Lime Crime lipstick in my collection. Lime Crime describes Countessa Fluorescent as a cool based neon pink. It's very vibrant with a strong neon hue. This shade is a very fun colour to wear and looks great in summer with matching bright neon clothing. I love wearing this shade with demure, minimal makeup to really make the lips pop. If you're confident give this colour a go you, won't be disappointed. 


This bright, bold shade is the most wearable colour in my Lime Crime lipstick collection. Centrifuchsia is described as a bright fuchsia and it's a very sophisticated mature pink. This modern hot pink and can also be used as a lip stain with a light layer of gloss applied over the top. It's very long lasting and adds a vibrancy to any outfit. Don't be afraid to try this bold shade, it's very flattering on fair, medium and dark skin tones. Out of all the Lime Crime lipsticks I own, this shade is by far the most flattering on my skin tone. 


Airborne Unicorn 
This colour is Lime Crime's signature shade. It's a medium purple with a neon note and it's hue is as mysterious as the unicorn itself. I love Airborne Unicorn it's such a fun colour to wear. There is 3 purple shades in Lime Crime's range of lipstick and this one is my favourite. If you're looking for a vibrant, strong purple with a cool lavender undertone then this lipstick is for you. It's very hard to find true purple lipsticks, most brands offer mauve lipsticks but Lime Crime are the first brand to offer such great selection of purple shades. 


This retro red is flattering on all skin tones. Don't be afraid to express your inner Marilyn Monroe by wearing this bright, true red. It's such a universal shade and one of Lime Crime's most popular reds. I love wearing red lipstick in winter and this red is bold, vibrant and rich. It's a statement red which is sure to stop traffic. Be bold wearing Retrofuturist. Every woman should own a red lipstick and this is one of the best reds I've ever tried. 



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Angelique said...

Oooooo I like Centrifuschia and Countessa Fluorescent. I haven't had a chance to check out Lime Crime yet, but I have my eyes on their liquid eyeliners and now these two colours! Thank you for sharing :)

Ang x

Robina Hood said...

Thank you for the pictures ... better than swatches on arms or hands. Really lovely colours. I think I will order Centrifuchsia and Countessa Fluorescent. :D