Monday, November 26, 2012

ALBUM REVIEW: Christina Aguilera Lotus

album review 

The most anticipated album of the year is finally here! Christina Aguilera is back! After the unfortunately failure of her previous album Bionic, due to low album sales which resulted in a cancelled tour. Christina proves that she is and will always be a fighter, rising up to deliver one of the best albums of her career, Lotus. 

Rise up Lotus rise this is the beginning.... 

To the sky I rise spread my wings and fly. 
I leave the past behind say goodbye to scared child inside.  
I sing for freedom and for love.  
I look at my relfection embrace the woman I have become. 
The unbreakable Lotus in me, I now set free. 

Mixing strong military style beats with classic Christina style empowerment ballads, this album gives the fans what we have been waiting for - the real Xtina! The lead single "Your Body" showcases Christina's flirtatious nature and sexy curves. 

My favourite tracks on the album include Lotus, Army of Me, Make the World Move, Sing for Me, Blank Page and Best of Me. There are so many truly amazing songs on this album proving Christina still has that legendary vocal ability that made her famous. Unlike Bionic there is only two tracks on the album that disappoint - Circles and Shut UpFans are expecting RCA to release the right singles from Lotus to help increase album sales. This will ensure that Christina can tour worldwide. 


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