Saturday, December 15, 2012

SOCIAL MEDIA: New Myspace 
Rebuilt. Redesigned. Reinvented. 

Today I received the email I have been waiting for all year! My invite to join the New Myspace!  Being a social media manager and former user (back in the day!) I was so excited to see this brand new re-invented social media platform! 

The old Myspace still exists, so don't worry your profiles are still there (yes even after all these years!). However the newly redesigned Myspace simply called New Myspace is located at and signing up gives you style url to match! (mine's It's not connected to your old profile... it's the new you! 

I signed up straight away - of course! Registering for a New Myspace is simple... however at the moment you need an invite - so go to now and enter your email address to get your invite. After receiving the email invite click on "Redeem Your Invite" button you will be directed to the New Myspace website, so you can start setting up your new profile. You can register for your new profile using a username you select or signing in with twitter or Facebook or even your old profile - lots of options there! I chose to get my username (laurendaymakeup). After filling out the sign up form  (it literally takes less than 1 minute) the Stream launches (their homepage) and your directed straight to your profile and the New Myspace starts guiding you to start decking out your profile. 

I started with a (square) profile picture - I added this first - okay easy! - Next I saw the about/description - I filled this out with all the usually details I have used on twitter and instagram. There's a 150 character limit (just like Twitter/Instagram) - so copy and paste from your twitter or instagram bio if you need to. But you'll notice when browsing profiles - many artists only have a few words to describe themselves or a tagline - Mariah Carey's says "Citizen of the World Dahhhling!". 

Next I added my location - Don't skip this step because it adds all the fans (thats you!) to the world map! Then I added my website url and viola! Profile almost complete. After a few minutes I noticed the search feature (magnifying glass icon) and typed in Justin - looking for Justin Timberlake's profile so I could follow him. I found him so quick with the amazing new SEARCH feature - it's revolutionary! I noticed when I scrolled over his profile picture a double circle icon appeared - I clicked it and now we are connected! A wonderful feature addition to make this a totally new experience - the follow or subscribe feature we are used to is now referred to on the New Myspace as "connect".  No more "friends" or "followers". 

After connecting with 8 or more people it was time to set up my Top 8. This was so easy and very quick. Plus... I was pleased they kept this feature the same from the old Myspace. An old favourite! I found and connected with some of my favourite music artists - Mariah Carey, Tyrese, Taylor Swift, and of course Justin Timberlake. 

Justin acquired Myspace back in June 2011 in a $35 million dollar deal which now makes him the co-owner of Myspace along with Specific Media Group. Myspace headquarters are location in California (the social media start up centre of the world!) and currently has 200 employees. It seems that ever since Justin Timberlake got involved last year Myspace has been working on the New Myspace - reinventing, redesigning and rebuilding the website  into the newest most modern social media platform ever! 

One thing you'll notice instantly when your browsing the New Myspace is the visual layout along with their chic simple and very stylish new design. It has such a modern - even futuristic feel to the website - it's like a brand new social experience for music fans!  The New Myspace is all about MUSIC! Connecting with your favourite artists, listening to music (for free and unlimited), making your own Mixes (like a playlist or photo album) and sharing photos and posts. You can also "connect" with your friends (although there is no "find my friends" feature like other platforms have). The best feature is finding and listening to your favourite songs - and the whole song (not a 90 second snipped that iTunes offers) and it streams seamlessly without buffering  - a key feature iTunes and Spotify are missing! Plus you can even watch music videos with one simple click... They are right there on the artist's profile - no searching needed like Youtube. Ok so the video quality isn't great - however the video plays without you having to wait for the data to load like you do on Youtube and it's ad free! 

Each Artist's profile features songs including their Top 10 Tracks (most popular songs) and music videos, photos, events and mixes. One feature I also love is "Top Fans"! Can you just imagine the possibilities of connecting with fans instantly? No searching, there all just right there... Very awesome indeed! 

(the tracks with circles next to them are songs I connected to my new Myspace profile.)

So you've set up your new profile, found some of your favourite artists - what's next? Well I soon discovered you can personalise your profile even further by adding a background image (a cover image - 1024 x 768) to personalise your page, adds character - oh and make it pretty! :) You can also add a profile song (just like the old days!) which is so simple to add - it only takes a few seconds. This song can be changed as often as you like - you don't even need to be on your profile page there is an option next to every song to make profile song. 

The whole layout is revolutionary with a horizontal scroll option (instead of the classic vertical scroll most websites have). The main Myspace bar at the bottom of the screen has links to your profile, notifications, messages, discover option plus the music player and search feature. Scroll your mouse over it to reveal your most recently view music videos or songs your listened to and access your queued items! 

Remember the old Myspace days trying to find your friends? The search feature was the worst! Well the reinvented New Myspace has possibly the easiest new SEARCH feature of any website I have ever seen! You simply just start typing - anywhere and the white search screen "Search Myspace" pops up over the top of your profile or page. The word you type in is so large - remember I said it was all about the visuals - and the results are generated within 3 - 5 seconds you don't even need to press enter!  Beat that Google!! 

Overall I am blown away by the New Myspace - it's truly incredible! I hope EVERYONE joins! It's by far the best social music platform the world has even seen! Watch out iTunes! 

New Myspace key features:

  • CONNECT - replaces "friends" - connect with music artists and people
  • MUSIC - it's all about the music - artists, songs, videos and albums
  • SEARCH - new search feature is so easy and quick - just start typing anywhere 
  • LAYOUT - horizontal scroll - it's left to right - no vertical scroll
  • JUSTIN - Justin Timberlake co-owns Myspace now. Awesome!
  • LISTEN - listen for free, full songs and remixes with no buffering
  • PROFILE - profile pic, cover image, 150 character bio, profile song, location, website. 
  • TOP 8 - feature your top 8 people (friends) or favourite artists on your profile. 

Request an invite to join the NEW MYSPACE:

Watch me talking about the New Myspace: 


Ayman Abd Elrahman said...

great article!
can u send me an invite please :D

Lauren Day said...

Thanks Ayman! You need to just go to to request your invite. :)