Friday, December 14, 2012

Day in the Life: Farmer's Markets

DAY IN THE LIFE: Farmers Markets 
{ December 13th }

Every Thursday I always look forward to my weekly trip to the local farmer's markets. Today I took $20 to the markets to get a few of my favourite fresh fruit and veggies. 

My favourite find at the markets was the gorgeous fresh Pink Lady and Royal Gala unwaxed apples I found at this new stall. The stall seller was so nice and friendly and he told me that because apples (my favourite fruit) is currently out of season, the apples sold in the supermarket are often snap frozen and by the time they end up on the supermarket shelf they are up to 18 months old. The apples he was selling were more expensive but they were fresh and not sprayed with the preservative wax often found on supermarket apples, so they didn't have that glossy finish. Wow! All these years I associated a glossy apple to be a fresh apple - I  never knew farmers sprayed the apples to look like that (plus the wax makes them last longer frozen!)  I also picked up a bottle of super delicious cloudy apple juice. Yum! 

Day in the Life of LaurenDayMakeup: Farmer's Markets

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