Wednesday, March 21, 2012

GLOSSY BOX: March 2012

March 2012

I am so happy to announce that I am now a Glossy Box Australia Ambassador! I loved my January and February Glossy Box and this month is no different. 

The March Glossy Box for Autumn is themed Active: geared towards health and an on-the-go schedule. My favourite items from this month's Glossy Box is the Thin Lizzy concealer and the pink power balancing bracelet. 

1. EAU THERMALE AVENE Thermal Spring Water (for sensitive skin)

Avene's acclaimed Thermal Spring Water proves remarkable at hydrating and refreshing. This product also soothes skin after hair removal. In addition, it has a spectacular effect on razor burn, diaper irritations, itching and eczema. 
Directions: Spray a fine mist on your skin. Wait for a few minutes,  then gently pat dry. 
made in france |  50ml RRP $12.95  |

2. KLORANE Extra-Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk
  • frequent use. 
  • cleans hair without water.
Directions: Evenly spray a small quantity of powder 12 inches away from the head directly on the scalp. Leave on for 2 minutes and brush out. 
made in france |  50 ml 

3. THIN LIZZY Concealer Creme

Cover up minor or major skin imperfections for all day coverage with this Concealer Creme.  7.5 ml (colour received: Oriental Doll)

4. NOUGAT LONDON Nurturing Hand Cream (Fig & Pink Cedar)

A rich cream that your skin will be happy to soak up, try it out for soft hands and strengthened nails. 

5. PROACTIV Cleansing Bar  

Now you can easily use a soap bar to gently exfoliate, fight body breakouts and give your skin a deep clean. Proactiv Cleansing Bar with 1% Salicylic Acid whisks away excess oil, dead skin cells and impurities as it unclogs pores - working to clear blemishes and stop future breakouts. This cleansing treatment combines micro-beads with proprietary blend to boost exfoliation, keeping pores free from debris and skin smooth and refined. 
  • sulfate-free 
  • dermatologist tested
  • non-clogging formula 
Made in USA | 150 grams  (full size product received) 

Bonus Gift Pink Power Balancing Bracelet 
Being active helps both your body and mind stay beautiful so we included products to nurture your athleticism such as this power balancing bracelet. The bracelet is often worn by athletes who find that it supports their strength and flexibility - have fun trying it out!

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