Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fan of the Month: Melissa Jade Hearts

My Fan of the Month for March 2012 is Melissa from Melissa Jade Hearts. You may know her from Youtube. She is a Makeup Artist like me. We have so much in common (it's a little scary!) Melissa and I both love dogs, butterflies, the colour pink, Coca Cola, coffee, being a child at heart, My Little Pony - oh gosh the list just goes on and on!

I love Melissa because she is very young at heart, always fun and happy. She is always smiling and positive in all her videos. I really love watching Melissa's youtube videos because she loves makeup just like I do and I always feel like after I watch her videos that I've learnt something and she always makes me smile. 

"You get one life to live that you can remember at least. I want to live my life embracing who I am and people will like me for me or they won't like me, thats fine." 
~ Melissa Jade

I hope you will take the time to subscribe to Melissa's youtube channel. She is a really lovely Aussie Makeup Artist with a heart of gold and I know you will enjoy her videos just as much as I do. 

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