Monday, January 9, 2012

Thank You Fans, Followers, Friends

Thank you LaurenDayMakeup Fans!

Thank you to all my incredible friends, fans, followers! I do sincerely appreciate each and every single one of you who like me, follow me, watch me and read blogs. Without all your amazing support. I would not have the strength to continue. 

You give me drive and the desire to wake up every morning with the mission to make a better version of me and create makeup looks that delight you and write articles and create stories that inspire you. If you have left me a comment, sent me reply or message and never got a reply please know that I always read all my comments on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, Instagram, Tumblr etc. 

Sometimes I don't have enough hours in each day to respond to everyone but know this... I see you and appreciate you more than you will ever know. 

Love always, xoxo 
Lauren Day

P.S. The photo above is a preview of my new makeup tutorial featuring orange and teal. 

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