Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pink Birthday Haul

They say that the thirties are the best years and it's certainly been true so far. On January 29th, I celebrated my 31st birthday with my Strawberry sister & identical Twin, MissJaneo. I had the best birthday this year and scored some amazing pink presents!! 

My mum gave me this sweet set of products from Glamourflage... 
Sexy Sadie Body Scrub  $27.95  product link
Heavenly Mel Shower Gel $14.95  product link

Mummy dearest also gave me this hair care treatment pack from Macadamia Natural Oil. I love this range... it's absolutely perfect for my hair. So I was so thrilled to get this pack! (full review coming soon) 

Check out all the goodies I received in my fun Pink Birthday Haul video...

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Jacenda ♥ said...

Happy Birthday beautiful!!! I was a January baby too! ;) XX