Sunday, January 15, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge: Day 8 - 14

.:{ January Photo A Day Challenge }:.  
Day 8 - Day 14

So it's the 2nd week of Fat Mum Slim's January 2012 Photo A Day Challenge.... 

.:{Day 8 }:.
your sky

I love sunset, dusk and twilight.... Here is my sky the day before the full moon... Look how beautiful the moon looks rising into the stunning summer sky. Mesmerising.... 

.:{Day 9 }:.
daily routine

This is my daily skincare routine... On my Earth Angel mission I am adding natural/organic and cruelty-free skincare into my daily routine. The key to younger looking skin - you ask? Consistency. Washing your face every morning and every evening with a good makeup remover, cleanser, moisturiser and eye cream. 

.:{Day 10 }:.

One thing I truly love from my childhood was watching cartoons from the 80's like My Little Pony, Care Bears, Duck Tales, Gummi Bears etc... Being a kid was the best years of my life. I just I am now at the age of 30, still just a big kid at heart.... This is my My Little Pony Princess Sparkles T-Shirt from Jay Jays. Also my sweet little pony pals, Rainbow Dash, Cheerilee. 

.:{Day 11 }:.
where you sleep
This is my Playboy Mansion bedding... Where I sleep (alone...) every night! 
Silver sparkly satin sheets and fuchsia pink pillows with a diamond Playboy bunny logo. I have always been a huge fan of Playboy and have lots of Playboy merchandise in my bedroom. 

.:{Day 12 }:.
So there's no denying that Barbie is just the most perfect dolly on the planet. I just adore her. This is a close up of one of the Barbie dolls that I own. I got her last year with Ken for Barbie's birthday. I was always a tom boy as a kid and played with cars and basketball cards rather than dolls. So my fascination with Barbie only developed when I discovered makeup about 12 years ago... even since she has been an icon and I will always adore her. 

.:{Day 13 }:.
in your bag

My new handbag for summer 2011/2012 is this silver tote bag that I got with my Lollipop Splash fragrances. It's really pretty and matches most of my outfits and it's hot pink inside!
In my bag at the moment I'm carrying my pink ipod nano, new iphone4, napoleon eight is enough beauty case (I carry my iphone in here it has a mirror), Lauren notebook, hair brush, Australis Vanilla body spray, sugar baby vanilla roll on perfume, marilyn monroe wallet, Eclipse mints, maui jim sunnies, business card holder, New York mirror, Mary Kay pink beauty bag, Lime Crime lipstick, Napoleon Perdis lipstick, Mariah Carey roll on perfume, 2 NYX Lip Glosses, Mountain Girl Soap Vanilla Lip Balm.

.:{Day 14 }:.
something your reading
This is my favourite book this month... I bought it last year... I couldn't wait for 2012 to begin so I could start my new journey of self discovery. I am so passionate about horoscopes and astrology. When I meet people I am always so fascinated to discover what star sign they are. I am a true Aquarius. I love discovering all the personality traits about Aquarius, it's so magical and enables me to express my spirituality. 

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