Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Inspiration: My Secrets

One year ago... I shared my secrets... 

.:{My Secrets  2011 }:.

I have always felt like an outsider. On the outside Looking In…

I hate being alone.
I believe in love at first sight. 
One day I want to get married in Hawaii at sunset!
I wonder if I will ever fall in LOVE again
Sometimes I lie. But when it comes to love the truth will set you free!
Music is like Oxygen… it's the only thing that can take away the pain!
I hate losing friends. I always blame myself.
My friends mean the world to me. I love them like family. 
I love giving without getting anything in return except a smile
I believe in destiny, true love, Angels and the power of dreams. 
I have always wanted to inspire others
These are my secrets. 

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