Friday, January 13, 2012

Film Friday: Beauty and The Beast 3D

.:{ Beauty and The Beast 3D }:.

Film Friday january 13th

Walt Disney Picture's classic 1991 Beauty and the Beast returns to US theatres today (January 13th) in stunning 3D. Following in the success of last year's digital release of The Lion King 3D, Disney hopes to delight and enchant fans all over again with the magical of the tale as old as time. The original movie was released on November 13th, 1991 so the re-release for a limited time only coincides with the original, also being released on the 13th. 

Belle is one of my favourite Disney Princesses, so I can't wait to relive the magic of Beauty and The Beast in the luxury of a modern day cinema. Beauty and The Beast 3D will be available in Australian cinemas on March 22nd! 

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