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Kind Beauty Favourites

On my Kind Beauty Mission to make-over my total beauty routine with all cruelty-free and vegan products, I have recently discovered some amazing kind beauty finds. Read more about my Kind Beauty Mission here to find out why I'm so passionate about only using beauty products that are not tested on animals. These are some of my favourite Kind Beauty Products

ECO TAN Invisible Tan  ($34.95)
organic  100% natural  cruelty-free  vegan  australian made

This is my all time favourite fake tanner! I have very fair skin that burns very easy, and with the high risk of skin cancer here in Australia sun-baking is just not an option. I have tried so many fake tanners which always promise to take my skin from pale to perfectly tan but never seemed to deliver the golden tan that I desired. That is until I tried Eco Tan's Invisible Tan! All I can say is Wow! This fake tan is not only organic but it really works and gives me a beautiful long-lasting golden tan. The smell is really nice and after about 1 week my tan starts to fade naturally without looking patchy and yuck. I am so impressed with how easy this product is to use. The first day I wore my Invisible Tan,  I decided to wear a white t-shirt just so see how invisible it really was, boy was I surprised! There was no tan residue or stains on my shirt, I couldn't believe it! I would highly recommend Invisible Tan to anyone who wants to get a gorgeous golden tan without the damaging effects of sun tanning.
Key ingredients:
  • organic avocado oil
  • honeysuckle flower extract
  • rosemary leaf extract
  • organic aloe leaf juice
  • organic chamomile flower extract
  • organic macadamia seed oil
  • rose geranium oil
  • rose flower oil
Eco Tan  | | Read my full Eco Tan story here 

YES TO CUCUMBER Facial Towelettes  (10 pack $3.99)
cruelty-free  98.7% natural  hypoallergenic biodegradable cloth organic

Before I begin my nightly skincare routine I always remove my makeup with a cleansing wipe and these new Yes to Cucumbers facial towelettes are really lovely! They are very easy to use and feel so fresh on my skin at the end of the day. They are available in a 30 pack and a travel size pack of 10 travel towelettes (which are my favourites - because they don't try out). 

YES TO CUCUMBER Daily Gentle Cleanser 
cruelty-free  96% natural  hypoallergenic certified organic

I really have enjoyed using this Yes To Cucumbers Daily Facial cleanser everyday to wash my face after using the facial towelettes to take off my foundation/makeup. The smell is very pleasant, the scent is similar to a fresh salad. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean. I have always used foaming cleansers morning and night for the last 10 years and I have tried many different brands.. This cleanser is one of my favourites and I will be re-purchasing this cleanser and look forward to trying more products from the Yes to Cucumbers/Carrots/Blueberries range! 

Key ingredients:
  • organic cucumber extract
  • organic green tea extract
  • organic aloe leaf extract
  • sunflower seed oil

Yes to Cucumbers |

NATURE'S ORGANICS Light Moisturiser
cruelty-free  vegan   Australian made  97% natural  fragrance free

Don't be fooled by the name "Light Moisturiser" this is more of a rich deluxe moisturiser. However it is made up of mostly natural ingredients including cucumber and shea butter and the formula has a very pleasant vanilla scent. The texture is very thick and just one pump is more than enough to completely moisturise my whole face. The pump bottle makes application even easier and very convenient for your bathroom vanity but not so much for travelling. 

Key ingredients:
  • shea butter
  • cucumber
  • rose geranium extract 
  • wheat germ oil
  • natural vanilla
Nature's Organics |

ORGANIC CARE Berry Bliss Detangling Conditioning Spray 
cruelty-free  vegan  organic  Australian made 

Key ingredients:
  • organic aloe leaf juice
  • organic chamomile leaf extract
  • ginseng root extract
I love spraying this cute pink kind product on my hair just after I step out of the shower when my hair is wet. It really helps me detangle my wild frizzy curls. The smell is light, sweet and fruity. I love this detangling spray, it's one of my best haircare secret weapons to combat those rainy bad-hair-days! 

HARMONI'S KISS Organic Girl Roll-On Deodorant ($7.99)
cruelty-free  organic  Australian Made  aluminium free

I have been looking for a really nice pleasant scented deodorant for a few months, other natural deodorants I have tried have left me a little on the smelly side. But after trying the Organic Girl deodorant in roll-on variety by Harmoni's Kiss I can honestly say that I'm really happy to have found this gorgeous product. Packaging is adorable - pink, red, green and white plus the natural blend of plant extracts and oils leave my skin feeling clean and sweet smelling. The sodium bicarbonate is the real hero ingredient in this product which actually keeps you dry and odour free for most of the day. I combine this with my Australis Vanilla Dream body spray (which is also cruelty-free) for a gorgeous sweet smell. 

Key ingredients:
  • organic lavender hydrosol
  • organic witch hazel extract
  • organic aloe vera powder
  • organic lime oil
  • organic orange oil
  • organic frankincense oil
  • bicard soda
Harmoni's Kiss |  | available at Woolworths stores 

BADGER BALM Coco Butter Lip Balm
usda organic  leaping bunny certified cruelty-free  made in USA  

This delicious lip balm smells almost good enough to eat, almost. Great for the girls on that endless diet... the sweet vanilla scent and chocolate taste (cocoa butter) gives you a dessert like feeling on your lips without the added calories. I love this deluxe lip balm and apply it almost every evening just before I jump into bed. If you have a real sweet tooth then you will love this Badger cocoa butter lip balm! 

Key ingredients:
  • fair trade certified organic cocoa butter
  • organic extra virgin olive oil
  • organic rosemary and rosehip extracts
  • organic aloe vera extract
  • beeswax
  • vanilla

BADGER BALM Vanilla Coconut Body Moisturiser (US$13.00)
usda organic  leaping bunny certified cruelty-free  made in USA 

This organic natural deluxe moisturiser is very nourishing and is perfect for dry skin. I love to apply this badger balm on the heels of my feet, on my elbows (they are extra dry) and my ankles. It's very rich and smells like a delicious vanilla pudding that leaves my skin hydrated. I really adore the combination of vanilla and coconut together, it's gorgeous. 

Key ingredients:
  • organic extra virgin olive oil
  • vanilla
  • organic beeswax
  • organic rosemary
Badger Balm | | (international shipping)

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