Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Creating My Dream

This week starts a brand new chapter in my career journey as a Makeup Artist... I recently quit my Monday to Friday "day job" working in a office, because after 4 years I felt that my days were turning into Ground Hog Day... Now I am focussing my energy 100% on creativity and being a Makeup Artist with a few projects on the side - like new digital magazine Eco Glamazine

I woke up one day (a few weeks ago) and had a lightbulb moment..! Why am I spending my energy and time everyday making money for someone else? When all I get at the end of the week is added stress that I don't need in return for money in my bank account. Money doesn't equal happiness and thats the truth! Sure it can give you access to a higher quality of life and lots of pretty things... but at the end of the day if you wake up in your bedroom surrounded by all your pretty things and you're still unhappy then thats not really happiness is it? 

I want to work for a company that cares more about people and our planet than money! If this company doesn't exist then I will create it myself. My Dream is to one day create a kind eco-friendly business that actually cares! 

So my new journey towards creating my kind eco-friendly business may be years away but from this day forward I am waking up everyday with purpose and passion, ready to focus on my beauty mission to create My Dream. I know that my Dream don't work unless I do. "It's better to create a job than to find one."  I found what I love 9 years ago and that's making people feel beautiful through the art of makeup! 
my daily drive is now my dream not money. 

DREAMS don't WORK unless YOU do

Lauren Day 

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