Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm a Chick Approved Ambassador

Hi Girls! I'm so pleased to announce that I'm now an official Chick Approved Ambassador. Chick Approved is a girly online community for girls who love fashion and sharing their outfits. It was created my Megan Parken from MeganHeartsMakeup and was designed for girls who love to share their Outfits of the Day also known as OOTD (which are really popular videos on youtube). You can upload photos of your outfits and tag items that you are wearing including clothing, jewellery and makeup. Then girls from all around the world can rate your outfit, with 5 stars being the best rating. You can also rate and comment on other Chick Approved members styles. Best of all if you are a Youtuber you can also link style with the youtube video that your outfit is featured in. Chick Approved also have Twitter and Facebook integration, with simple and easy sign up via your Facebook account. 

I discovered Chick Approved through MeganHeartsMakeup's youtube channel and a few weeks ago the Chick Approved team contacted me, asking if I'd like to be a Chick Approved Ambassador! I was honoured and thrilled to be part of a new upcoming online community for women around the world.

Check out my styles on Chick Approved:

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