Friday, February 4, 2011

LAUREN LOVES episode 1 LizYArtur

February is the month of LOVE and to celebrate I'm Sharing The Love, featuring my favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus in my new video series called Lauren Loves. 

The first Beauty I am going to share with you is a young healthy beautiful American woman who is currently living in Spain. Her name is Elizabeth (Liz) and she is featured on YouTube as LizYArtur. Her YouTube channel focuses on beauty, diet and exercise and her life living abroad in Spain. 

Liz has inspired me so much! I love her makeup tutorials, and her diet/exercise videos are really inspirational and keep me on track with my weight loss journey. 

Please check out her amazing channel and if you have a YouTube account please subscribe!

I recreated a makeup look from one of my favourite LizYArtur Makeup Tutorials which she titled Smoked Out Green Look. Liz has the most beautiful green/hazel eyes and this look really compliments green eyes. 

My Favourite LizYArtur Videos:

Smoked Out Green Look Requested:

My Personal Goals for 2011:

How to Set Goals for 2011:

Get Toned Abs! video: 

Simple Arm Toning Exercises:

1st video of Liz I ever watched:

Please check out episode 1 of Lauren Loves to find out more about LizYArtur:

*** UPDATED *** February 10th 

I won LizYArtur's Contest with this video (above) that I submitted to her 1st YouTube Contest. She talks about me from 1:30 - 3:00 minutes.

Thank you so much Liz for selecting me as the winner I am so grateful. 

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