Saturday, September 4, 2010

LIME CRIME: Magic Dust + Lipstick Review


I recently discovered a new magical range of makeup inspired by Fairytales called Lime Crime Makeup. This magical makeup range includes bright Lipsticks and Eyeshadows... "So Bright, it's Illegal".  I just adore these products, the colour pigments are so vibrant and long lasting and the unicorn themed packaging is so pretty and girly. The gorgeous purple pink packaging features a pretty silver sparkling Unicorn which is the brands official mascot. The lipsticks are long lasting, vibrant and the range includes colours like Purple (Airborne Unicorn) and Blue (No She Didn't). 

The loose eye dust simply called Magic Dust is certainly magical and has some very pretty, vibrant colours. My favourite is their vibrant royal purple shade called Empress. Product names are inspired by Fairytales and the official website ( is a magic wonderland filled with lots of product info and amazing makeup looks. I highly recommend this range and look forward to what products they create in the future. 



Last week I purchased 3 lipsticks and 3 eyeshadows from 

Lime Crime Lipsticks:

  • Airborne Unicorn (medium purple)
  • Great Pink Planet (neon milkshake pink)
  • Countessa Fluorescent (bright neon barbie pink) 
VIDEO: Lime Crime Lipsticks Review


Lime Crime Magic Dust:

  • Empress (vibrant royal purple)
  • Twilight (purple based medium blue)
  • Mermaid (bottle green/aqua)

VIDEO: Lime Crime Magic Dust Review 

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Makeupsales said...

Great review of Like Crime - all of your readers/viewers will receive a free kabuki brush with every order! Thanks again Lauren