Sunday, August 31, 2008

Welcome to Lauren's Blog

Welcome to my Official Beauty Blog!

In this blog I will be sharing my personal beauty tips, tricks of the trade and insite into the Beauty world.
First on the agenda is the anticipated launch of my brand new range of cosmetics - Lauren Day Professional Makeup.
A professional quality range of makeup inspired by Vintage 1950s Hollywood Glamour. This is my favourite makeup era, think Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. I wanted to revamp this style and bring it into the 21 century. My makeup style is glamorous and glowing with my signature look, soft classic golden eyes and a beautiful bold glossy lip.
For the meantime until the official launch date (October 10th 2008) please surf over to my website: for more info on me and my work as a Makeup Artist.

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Mwah! Lots of Love,
Lauren Day x o x o x o